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IMHTC Hypnotherapist Certification Training

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IMHTC Hypnotherapist Certification Training



This course is our most famous hypnosis certified training course. It will teach you both basic hypnosis and advanced hypnotherapy in six days.Meanwhile, this class will help cure your problem in your life, and help you develop your potential ability and wisdom.Vipanssana and meditation will be taught in class to rise your spiritual cultivation.You can apply for both IMHTC, NBPES, NGH Hypnotist Certifications in this class.


Recent course: 2024-10-1 to 2024-10-4

Location: Shanghai

Training Fee: 3000 D

Call:  13501692627微信


Weixin: 13501692627

Note: Extra RMB 100 for IMHTC Hypnotherapist Certification, RMB 2000 for NBPES exam and double USD 125 for NBPES Hypnotist Certification and Hypnotherapist Certification, USD 195 for NGH Hypnotherapist Certification, RMB 25 for domestic mail and USD 25 for abroad.